12 Ways to Show your Pooch Love

12 Ways To Show your Pooch Love

Loving your dog is easy, I mean, what’s not to love? They’re loyal to you and see you as their whole world. But do you find it hard to find ways to show it? We’ve got you covered. Here are 12 ways to show your pooch you love them:


Dogs always need playtime as much as a child does. It helps them learn new tricks and adapt to certain situations. To a dog, play and attention are equal to love. Do keep in mind your dog’s overall health and get veterinary before starting any new exercise program. That being said, there are many ways to keep a dog active and playful all year round, even in the winter.

  • Sitting up to beg for 10 reps will help strengthen your dog’s core muscles improving balance and stability. Those core muscles are used for walking, trotting, jumping and many other actions so it’s important to strengthen them regularly.
  • Rolling over is also another good exercise for core muscles.
  • Shaking hands is a good stretch for the shoulder muscles but be sure to do both front paws in 5 to 10 reps for a balanced workout.
  • Commando crawling on his belly for 10 feet following a healthy, low-fat treat. This is good for rear-end, shoulders and core muscles.
  • Tug-of-war with a towel is great indoor exercise for strengthening the rear end, shoulders and abdomen.


Glide your fingertips across your dog’s body. Move your fingertips across the dog’s back, stomach, head, ears, and even his face. Most dogs love this touch, especially if you do it while they are relaxed. You can also rub behind his ears. Ear rubs make your dog high, literally. A dog’s ears are full of nerve endings that send impulses all through the body, triggering the release of endorphins. These hormones act as painkillers and are natural “drugs” that are also released when dogs feel love. When you show your affection for your pooch with ear rubs, you can be sure that they’re getting the message of love.

Feed your dog by hand

Many experts recommend feeding your dog by hand, especially puppies. This shows your dog that you’re the main food provider and reduces food aggression. It’s also an intimate experience and creates a strong and stable bond between you and your furry friend. As your dog gets older, the need to feed him by hand may fade, but it’s still worth giving him treats during training to show him you care.

Just tell him you love him

A recent study published in the prestigious journal Science found that dogs do understand some human speech. Dogs were studied in an MRI scanner that showed they experienced the most happiness when they heard not just a praising tone but also hearing words of praise. This shows that they not only listen to the tone of voice but also interpret meaning from words.

Regular vet visits

There’s no better way of showing your pooch love than to keep him in good health. He appreciates this even more than you realize.  They depend on us to keep them in good health so make sure you take them on regular vet visits twice a year, or more if needed to keep him to healthiest and happiest pup he can be.

Let him hang out with you

Even if you’re just letting him sit next to you while you work, it’ll make him feel like he’s part of your busy day. Dr. Oscar Chavez, DVM, and professor of Veterinary Nutrition at Cal Poly Pomona University says: “Pets respond to interaction, even the simplest kind.” Allowing your dog to lay on your lap while you work at your desk on that last-minute proposal, or lay at your feet while you type up that project that’s due, is likely to remind him you love him- and it also gives you great company!

Take quick walks during the day

We all need a break from our busy work-filled day, and what could be better than spending it on a nice walk through the park with your pooch? Of course, this isn’t practical for everyone but if you work from home or are lucky enough to take your dog to work, try taking your pup on a quick five-minute walk on your lunch break. Chavez says: “Even if it’s short, your dog gets a chance to go outside – which he’ll love – and he can take care of any business, while you get to take a breather and refresh,”

Show you love him in his own language

Gaze deeply into their eyes

Dr. Brian Hare, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Duke University said in an interview, when a dog stares at you they are “hugging you with his eyes.” This doesn’t mean you should stare into the eyes of any old dog you come across, but with your own, trusted pet, try gazing into his eyes when you’re both relaxing. Stroke him gently, speak softly, and maintain eye contact. These quiet moments stimulate the release of Oxytocin in the canine brain – the same hormone that bonds a mother and her child.

Raise your eyebrows

A Japanese study published in the 2013 volume of Behavioral Processes found that dogs raise their eyebrows (especially the left one) when greeted by their owners. When the strangers in the study greeted them, the dogs displayed far less facial activity and most of it was right-sided.

Lean on them

Press your weight on your dog – of course, not to the point where he feels crushed, but just a little to show you trust him. This is something our furry friends do to show affection that is often overlooked.

Let them sleep in bed with you

Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist and the author of How Dogs Love Us has spent decades studying the canine brain using MRIs. According to Berns, sleeping with a human is the ultimate display of love and trust our dogs can give because that is when they are at their most vulnerable.

Be yourself

Dr. Berns has also found out although it’s sometimes hard for us to tell what our dogs are thinking, they definitely do not struggle to read our emotions. If you truly love your dog, they will know this just by reading your voice, body language and actions. So just keep doing what you’re doing!

Here at North Paws Ranch, we treat every pooch like they are one of our own!  We engage in many of these steps and more when your dog comes to visit.  So if you are in the Las Vegas area and are looking for at home daycare, reserve at stay at North Paws Ranch!  Your dog will thank you for it!



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