A Doggy Wishlist

Christmas is coming up and there are so many presents to buy but we can’t leave our furry friends out of the equation! Although dogs are bound to enjoy all gifts, here are a few that are just perfect for your little pooch!

Share Bed for Cats and Dogs – $39.95

Are you a dog parent who also owns a cat? Do you want your pets to bond more? Here is the perfect bed that’ll not only give your pets the ultimate comfort but will also bring them together. The Cozy Cuddler was designed with anxious pets in mind and the overstuffed walls and cushion are filled AIRLOFT fibers that is perfect for stiff joints and tired legs. It’s finished with a nylon bottom and these beds are resistant against dirt and water, allowing you to protect your floor from damage. Not to mention you can get it in 9 different colors!

Christmas Stocking – $10.95

It would be a crime not to get your furry friend a Christmas stocking this year. Don’t let him miss out on the fun! In this stocking, your pooch will get:

  • Rubber Squeaky Newspaper “Doggy News” Toy
  • Rubber Squeaky Yellow Booty Toy
  • Christmas Colored Knotted Rope Toy
  • Christmas Colored Tennis Ball

Furbo Dog Camera – $134.99

As seen on Ellen, you can get a chance to toss your pooch a treat even when you’re not physically with them! On your lunch break at work, use the app to view your furry friend and launch a treat for him to catch! This dog camera has also saved lives: “Our home caught on fire with our pup inside. Furbo kept alerting us that our dog was barking. Without being notified I can’t say that Mooser would be alive today.” – Shannon, Mooser’s loving mom. How amazing!

Dog Christmas Sweater – $14.90

Are you having a Christmas sweater day with your family? Get your pooch involved! This sweater comes in the sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and features a reindeer on it with a pom-pom for the nose. Because of the hem thread weaving and neckline, this sweatproof is windproof and warm.

Matching Christmas Pajama – $17.99 – $54.99

Or if you want to get a little bit more festive with your pooch, check out this matching pajama set for the whole family. Dogs are part of the family and it’s important to let them join in the fun when it comes to matching clothes!

Starbarks Coffee Toy – $18.19

I’m going on a Starbarks run, you want me to fetch you anything?

If you’re a big coffee drinker, bring your doggy in with the fun with this Starbarks Coffee toy. You can get it with the lid, or with a straw and you can even get a Pumpkin Spice version. Enjoy your morning coffee with your furry friend!


This bowl is perfect for pooches who like to gobble all their food within 30 seconds. The Slo-Bowl promotes:

  • fun & healthy eating
  • naturally improves digestion by slowing down meals
  • foraging for food provides mental exercise for dogs
  • vet recommended  – helping prevent bloat and indigestion

Lee D. Martin Dog Car Seat Cover – $23.99

Do you spend a lot of time traveling with your dog? Do they make a mess everywhere? A car seat cover is going to save your life!  The cover can protect your car from dust, mud, liquids,  and more. This will make cleaning your car a much easier job!

QUMY Dog Boots

If you live in extremely hot, or even cold climates, you need dog boots in your life. Think about if you were to walk around barefoot all the time, it would be horrible, right? Well, it is for your dog as well. These boots protect your pooch from heat, hurt from sidewalks, asphalt, glass etc. They’re sturdy enough to withstand outside play, and protect your dog’s paws from stones, dirt, and mud.

Retractable Dog Leash – $11.99

This thick, long nylon dog leash and heavy-duty internal spring can easily cope with energetic dogs. On top of that, the retractable ribbon can extend up to 16ft, strong and durable, with reflective material on the edge, the leash is visible at night by reflecting the light, and is secure for walking at night.

So, that was our doggy wishlist. We hope you enjoyed the products we spoke about. Let us know if you purchase any!

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