A Dog Checklist

A Dog Checklist to Dog Boarding and Daycare

You can never go wrong with a dog checklist!

What should I bring when I board my dog?  At North Paws Ranch, we want our dog guests to feel safe and at ease when enjoying a stay at the Ranch.  To enable this, we have put together a dog checklist of items that you should bring with you so your dog has an experience he/she will never forget!






Dog Food

Feeding time at the Ranch - Dog checklist

Bringing your own food is a necessity when making your dog feel comfortable and insuring it’s health while in boarding. We would prefer that small plastic bags are used to package per-measured meals, and label them according to the time of day your dog needs them (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.) This will ensure that your dog is getting the right amount of food for each meal.




Dog Treats

Happy Birthday Treats! We celebrate for all dogs!

Next, and most important on the dog checklist, we have treats!  While we do have treats here at the Ranch, if your dog has a special kind of treat they are used to, feel free to bring them.  Also if there’s a set time you prefer them to have treats (after going to potty, after breakfast, etc.) we can accommodate those needs.  Nothing reminds you of home like your favorite snack!



Dog Medicine & Supplements

We need pills just like you do.

We know that many dogs must take certain medications and/or supplements daily and we would be happy to be responsible for making sure your dog takes them. Make sure to include written instructions with details such as dosage amount and schedule. If the medicine and/or supplements must be taken with food, please include them in the pre-packaged plastic meal bags.



Dog Bed and/or Blankets

Taking a nap with my new friend - dog checklist

North Paws Ranch spacious living arrangements allows for all dogs to sleep anywhere they desire downstairs.  If your dog has a favorite bed and blanket combo, feel free to bring it along!  We will find a good spot and let our furry guest do the rest!





I like to eat alone. - Dogchecklist

While no one ever stays in a crate at North Paws Ranch, we often will use crates when we have to greet other guest or start our daily feeding times.  If your dog prefers to eat in a crate or just will sleep better in one, please feel free to bring it with you!  We will help with all items from your car to our home!




So remember, if you are ever in the Las Vegas area, North Paws Ranch has everything you need to cater to your pets.  Weather it be for pleasure, business, or just to take in the sites, North Paws Ranch offers the best experience for your dog when it comes to in home private daycare and boarding.


Unable to make it us?  We can make it to you!  check our some our other services we offer at North Paws Ranch!

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