DogVacay Merges with Rover!

Early in the summer, our parent company, DogVacay, merged with the Seattle based company This is great news not only for us but for our customers as well!  We now have access to more resources to better serve our guest!

What does this mean for me?


If you are a current regular at North Paws Ranch, not much should change for you.  We suggest getting the Rover app on your smart devices and start there to migrate your account.


How will this effect my stay at North Paws Ranch?


While we are just partnered with all of our services and location has stayed the same.  We do have a new link for reservations, which can be found here!


Will anything change at North Paws Ranch?


While we met the initial change with some skepticism, we have grown to love our new family member in  Our Terms of Service and policies have changes to comply with Rover’s standards.  You can look at those here



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