Should I Adopt a Dog or Buy one?

Should I Adopt a Dog or Buy one?

Adopt Or Buy? Either way, I’m awesome!

Homes need dogs, just like dogs need homes!  Where should that new dog come from?  Many local shelters have dogs that are ready for new homes, but is your family more suited for a new dog from a reputable breeder?  Here are some considerations when it comes to adopting a dog from a shelter, or buying a new one from a reputable breeder.

Adoption can be one of the most rewarding experiences you may have as a pet owner!


There are over 3.9 million dogs up for adoption in the U.S.  Adopting a dog can cost as little as $50 – $200 depending on the shelter.

Adopting a dog from a reputable shelter can help find homes for many dogs that come from various backgrounds.  While every case is different, most shelters will offer vaccinations, micro-chipping, and spay/neuter services for any dog in their care.  Another great thing about adoption is that if you aren’t ready for the puppy phase of a dog, there are young and senior dogs that are ready for adoption and love!  You also have a 20%-30% chance of finding a purebred dog for adoption!

While it may be a bit harder to understand what has happened in the dog’s earlier life, shelters have the means to test for any health issues.  Each adopted dog a clean bill of health and will warn you of any future health issues.   A good percentage of pre-owned dogs also come house trained!  You have more freedom with age when it comes to adopting as they have dogs of many ages and breeds.  So if you’re looking for a rewarding experience and a pre-owned dog, then adoption may be right for you!


Senior Adoptions

Sometimes we get misplaced for reasons beyond our control! Because of reasons beyond our controls, we get misplaced! Check your local shelters!

Senior dogs are also wonderful, tempered animals, and they don’t get quite as excited or anxious as their younger buddies. They are happy to go for a long walk with you or just lounge on the sofa while you watch funny internet videos. On the other hand, it can be harder to un-train them of certain habits like biting, garbage eating etc. But with time and patience, it can be done. You can teach an old dog new tricks, but you undoing bad behavior is more challenging!

By adopting a dog you are giving it a second chance at life, what could possibly be nicer than that? Dogs are often put down if they’re not adopted within a certain time frame. Even if you adopt a puppy, you have the double benefit of watching your pet grow up and knowing you potentially saved a life.

If you’re still unsure about whether to adopt or not, many shelters offer a trial period so if the dog doesn’t work well with your lifestyle, they’ll happily take him back. Shelters always have the dogs best interest at heart and they understand that sometimes it, unfortunately, doesn’t work out.



A reputable breeder will have lineage papers!


Buying a dog is an ideal option. Many breeders can be found online to suit your needs. Especially if you are looking to add a new puppy of a certain breed into the family.  Be ready to spend some money because buying a pet can cost up to $500 – $4000 or more for select breeds!

Buying a dog can help you find the exact pooch that’ll fit your lifestyle.  Remember, no breeder should ever sell you a dog under the age of eight weeks!

Starting with a puppy is almost like starting with a blank slate. Most of his adult life depends on how he’s brought up. Although, genetics play a big part in how your pup matures and what type of personality he develops.

When purchasing from a good breeder, there are no uncertainties about the dog’s past. Reputable breeders will know about most breed issues and will often let you know about them before allowing you to purchase.  This shouldn’t stop you from doing your own research!





Everything about me is on my papers!

Beware of Puppy Mills!

Puppy mill dogs can often be put in barbaric conditions. Many of the dogs don’t get to run around or even get to step foot out of their cages. When you purchase a dog from a puppy mill rather than a registered breeder, you are supporting such conditions. Good, trustworthy breeders that are trustworthy will allow you to visit and see the conditions in which the dogs are kept.  The conditions in which the dogs are kept will be able to be viewed from a trustworthy breeder.

When a reputable breeder meets with a family who is interested in purchasing a dog, he/she will usually put in writing that they will take the dog back at any time in his life if anything was to happen to you or if you can’t look after him anymore. Any number of things can drive a person to give up their dog, such as job loss, relocation, marriage, divorce etc.

Many reputable breeders also offer genetic health testing, to confirm whether or not your pup is likely to develop any inherited diseases. This is very common, especially in Labradors.





So What Should I Do?

In conclusion, at North Paws Ranch we always appreciate anyone who can help out the millions of homeless dogs in shelters. Newborns being given a new family brings so much joy! So whatever preference you may have, we hope this short write up helps with your research!

If you are ever in the Las Vegas area with your new adopted friend or your new bundle of joy, stop by North Paws Ranch where we treat every dog as one of our own!

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