Why is Doggy Daycare so Important?

Doggie Daycare is a wonderful way to socialize your dog!

Doggy Daycare, Boarding Kennels, Dog Watch – Whatever you want to call it, is very important for the physical, mental and emotional health of your dog. The ASPCA says: “Doggy Daycare providers can help you meet your dog’s needs for attention, activity, and supervision. They provide a great antidote for bored, lonely, or high-energy dogs with busy guardians who work away from home all day and don’t want to leave their dogs alone. If your dog enjoys playing and socializing with other dogs and the cost is appropriate for your budget, it can be a great option for your home-alone pal.” On top of this, you may not enjoy a stranger or anyone coming into your home to feed your dog while you’re away – at least with doggy daycare, you take them to a home or facility.


Just like humans, dogs have a need to be around others!

Your dog may get lonely being at home while you’re busy. You’ll soon realize that this is an issue if he starts being self-destructive and chewing on things he shouldn’t be. Some dogs need the company of other dogs to stay sane and doggy daycare is perfect for this reason as he can get the attention and playtime he needs. Doggy Daycare will tire your dog out with all that running around and playing; it’s brilliant exercise for your dog. By the time you bring him home, he’ll be ready to curl up on the sofa with you as you watch TV.


Introducing your dog to other dogs promotes positive social behavior!

Boarding kennels are great for socialization. To learn how to act around other pooches, your dog needs to be around with their own kind. The younger your pup is when you teach them socialization, the better equipped he will be when it comes to interacting with strange dogs. Mental stimulation is important to keep their brains active and prevent them from getting bored. Doggy daycares offer a great solution to the problem of a bored dog. Even if your pup doesn’t go every day, it can provide a healthy outlet for their active brains and bodies. He can also make new friends. If there’s a dog that your pooch likes spending time with – there’s a possibility of a doggy playdate outside of daycare. You can meet up at a park – and it’s a great way to meet fellow dog people.

Your pup won’t be short of attention! The people who run doggy daycares love dogs (well, why else would we do this?). Your dog will receive plenty of TLC all day long – and what’s not to love about that?

A second home

We all need a home away from home, even dogs!

Doggy daycares provide a home away from home. Dogs get excited about going to their favorite daycare, they’ll get a buzz just by your mentioning the two words! Parents get a loving place to keep their dog if they need a free house for a home improvement project or any other reason.

When your dog is in daycare, he won’t be the center of attention as much as he would be at home. It’s good for your dog to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around him and to learn not to be too reliant on you. Daycare will make them more independent and won’t get worried about spending time away from them. This will also help your pup adapt to new situations and places. Daycares are typically staffed with professionals who understand canine body language and who promote safe play. This helps dogs learn what behaviors are socially acceptable to other dogs and/or humans.

What does the ASPCA say

Each dog has their own personal needs!

According to the ASPCA, “you could think of most dogs today as ‘unemployed.’ Dogs have been traditionally bred for jobs – typically in hunting, livestock herding, protection or guarding. But their main job today is Couch Potato!” Boredom and excess energy are two common reasons for behavior problems in dogs. The main benefits doggy daycares provide for your pooch are:

  • Relief from loneliness and the anxiety that loneliness can cause in dogs – including separation anxiety
  • Socialization with people
  • Socialization with dogs
  • Relief from boredom
  • Exercise
  • Prevention of destructive behavior in the house when unsupervised
  • Relief from guilt for pet parents who feel bad about leaving their pet home alone for the whole day

The ASPCA says that “good candidates for daycare are healthy, spayed or neutered and well-socialized dogs who really enjoy the company of other dogs and seek interaction with them at every opportunity. Young dogs often adjust to the daycare environment better than older ones. If your dog is a regular at dog parks, and he plays a lot and enjoys himself there, then daycares are probably best for him.” At North Paws Ranch, your best friend can play until his heart is content, get groomed, and rest when he’s tired out from playing.

Not all dogs will love doggy daycare

It may take some time for your dog to warm up to the idea. Others love it immediately!

Despite this, not all dogs are suitable for doggy daycare. Just because they’re sociable species, doesn’t mean all dogs get along with each other. Just like us, we as humans are a sociable species but we don’t get along with everyone! Make sure you evaluate your dog’s behavior and personality when considering daycare. If your dog doesn’t enjoy interacting with other dogs, he’ll likely not find daycare very enjoyable, and his dislike for dogs will probably get worse. If your dog happens to be aggressive to other dogs then daycare isn’t a suitable option for him either. It won’t teach him to be nice, but it may offer him the opportunity to practice his inappropriate bullying or aggressive behavior. In contrast, if your dog is the complete opposite of this then do consider daycare.

Come along!

Let your dog in on the fun of Doggy Daycare today!

Daycare, such as what we provide at North Paws Ranch, satisfies a dogs need for exercise and socialization with humans and other dogs. It also provides benefits for the parents as they can have a day off from responsibilities, it’s an easy way to get your dog exercise and it’s a cure from the anxious behavior of chewing furniture at home or an enjoyable way to get a healthier and more well-behaved dog. Many owners comment on what a pleasure it is to pick up a relaxed, and happy dog rather than coming home to a dog that’s bottled up 10 hours of over-excitement.


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